Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thing 2

I have read lots of blogs in the past, but none relating to my career. My blogs of choice usually relate to hobbies or trying to get instructions for a problem I might have. Why is it that I don't turn to blogs for career instructions? My immediate answer is because I'm an information professional and I'm looking for authoritive sources. But, saying that 'out loud' sounds so incrediably prentious. I suppose the real reason has much more to do with me being clueless and overwhelmed.
I had a look around the Delicous list trying to whittle the list down to something useable. Needless to say, I didn't get on well. What I'm suprised at is the number of academic and public sector people on the list. I wonder why that is? Are they more organised than me or just more time on their hands and want to use it to develop skills? I don't know.
The one blog I did find and seemed to stike a cord with is Shannon Robalino's. I think we have similar thinking styles. But, isn't it odd to make connections this way? Maybe I'm just old (well, in my 40s now and I do remember the days before personal computers), but trying to connect to writing is an odd thing for me. Maybe I'll get over it doing these Things.

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