Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Thing 8

Google Calendars.
Finally something I've already discovered and have made up my mind about (well, for now anyway). Google calendars are great. The problem I find though, and this has to do with all electronic calendars, is if I don't see the calendar on a daily basis, everything put on it is forgotten. And, as you have to log-in the site (or set it up as a home page, but my organisation overwrites homepages each night), then I don't see it. And my brain is very much out of sight, out of mind. So, I've found a sight that has free calendars to download and print out (there are lots of them). I found one with a very nice look that I've downloaded to my home computer. Then I print out 2 months (current and next) and add all the stuff in different coloured pens and hang it on the wall in front of the home computer. Problem solved! well, at least for home stuff.
As for work, we use Outlook and that's just fine for my needs. Perhaps if I were in a different job, then an electronic calendar and merges home and work might be suitable. But for now, I like them separate and my 'old fashion' calendar on the wall suits me just fine.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Thing 7

Face-to-face networking.
I went to the London CILIP group's networking workshop last week. It was a good opportunity meet other librarians.
I'm a member of CILIP, but only because my current job requires it. I've been thinking about SLA (both school and special), AIIP, ASLIB and UKeiG (not mentioned). UKeiG is part of CILIP so that's a bit of a bonus. But as I'm going towards either school libraries (if that's even possible any more, given this economy) or freelancing, CILIP isn't doing it for me so much. CILIP is just so big, it's hard to discover anything of immediate use to me. What I really want is a more of one-stop-shop of some sort to get the information I'm after, such as jobs, how tos, what's next, etc. Perhaps a LibWiki of some sort could be the answer.

Thing 6

Now we're getting to why I signed up for 23 CPD: trying to get my online 'image' in order and how to do that.
I've had a LinkedIn account for a while and busily add requests to my account. But never got much further than that. I've noticed that I don't have a summary. I'm actually a bit nervous to add one. I want it to be snappy, sharp and a bit witty. I have a profile on my CV, but it's rather dry. So, I may tackle both in one go. Right now isn't the time, but I'll be brooding on the problem for the next week or so.
I only signed up to Facebook to share photos with friends. I actually regretted signing up not to long ago when a serious of people from the past contacted me. I was baffling, confusing, poorly timed with current events, strange and slightly wonderful. Thing about Facebook is it's ubquiousness-ness (word?). Everyone's on it. Everyone uses it. But, unlike seeing a familar face on the street, it's much more difficult to cross the road. I'll keep most of my private side to FlickR. Better security and no one's there.
Very glad to find some new tools! Woo Hoo! Now to get this all organised. Is there a place to organise everything in one go? And who has a Google+ account they want to talk about? Will it be worth it in the end?

Thing 5

Reflective practice.
I think I can fall prey of too much reflective practice. Like most of the blogs I've read (maybe 6 or so), I agree that we tend to do this natural; as part of the process. But, where I fear I can get trapped is the double guess game that comes with 20-20 hindsight. Where I think I did it all wrong because in the cold light of day I can see what I should have done/said but didn't at the time, and neglect how the situation was and why I did/said what I did in the moment.
Perhaps my reflective practice should be 'post-reflective' and reflect on the reflect... Way too philosophical for me on a lovely Sunday evening.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Thing 4

Again feeling my age a bit. I'm not so sure about Twitter. It's a very different way to think about things, such as texting, and I need to find it's use for me. It will come to me, some day, but not yet.

As for RSS... Well, I love them! Escpecially when combined Yahoo! Pipes. Pipes are a bit intimidating at first. But once you get the hang of them, wow are they powerfully. It makes weeding out the chaff a breeze. I've made pipes to filter job searches or to get specific, detailed news feeds. They are great and well worth the intial effort.

Thing 3

When I created this blog, the only thing I thought of was how not to link it too directly to me. Being that this is my first blog ever, and knowing the first attempts at things aren't always the greatest, even if they are sentimental. Hence using a google mail account and naming the blog something generic and refering to a specific activity.
Having said that, I think it's absolutely correct to have a personal brand in the online era. Websites, for all their proposed interactivity are still flat and forward facing. Not the interaction of face to face or even a telephone conversation. So I was relatively pleased that googling my name came up with my LinkedIn account as number one. The rest are all typical sites, Facebook, a jewellery site I tried my hand at (but haven't maintained), and a credit listing (as I'm company secretary for my husband's business). So, nothing surprising there.
Even clicking through the results, happily there's nothing to cause me great concern. Which is good, as I remember years ago, when Alta Vista (remember Alta Vista?) launched and we would search our names. At that time there were a number of porn sites linked to the name Krista. Glad I'm not associated with them any more. There's a good thing with mass quantity on the web.