Friday, 15 July 2011

Thing 3

When I created this blog, the only thing I thought of was how not to link it too directly to me. Being that this is my first blog ever, and knowing the first attempts at things aren't always the greatest, even if they are sentimental. Hence using a google mail account and naming the blog something generic and refering to a specific activity.
Having said that, I think it's absolutely correct to have a personal brand in the online era. Websites, for all their proposed interactivity are still flat and forward facing. Not the interaction of face to face or even a telephone conversation. So I was relatively pleased that googling my name came up with my LinkedIn account as number one. The rest are all typical sites, Facebook, a jewellery site I tried my hand at (but haven't maintained), and a credit listing (as I'm company secretary for my husband's business). So, nothing surprising there.
Even clicking through the results, happily there's nothing to cause me great concern. Which is good, as I remember years ago, when Alta Vista (remember Alta Vista?) launched and we would search our names. At that time there were a number of porn sites linked to the name Krista. Glad I'm not associated with them any more. There's a good thing with mass quantity on the web.

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