Sunday, 24 July 2011

Thing 6

Now we're getting to why I signed up for 23 CPD: trying to get my online 'image' in order and how to do that.
I've had a LinkedIn account for a while and busily add requests to my account. But never got much further than that. I've noticed that I don't have a summary. I'm actually a bit nervous to add one. I want it to be snappy, sharp and a bit witty. I have a profile on my CV, but it's rather dry. So, I may tackle both in one go. Right now isn't the time, but I'll be brooding on the problem for the next week or so.
I only signed up to Facebook to share photos with friends. I actually regretted signing up not to long ago when a serious of people from the past contacted me. I was baffling, confusing, poorly timed with current events, strange and slightly wonderful. Thing about Facebook is it's ubquiousness-ness (word?). Everyone's on it. Everyone uses it. But, unlike seeing a familar face on the street, it's much more difficult to cross the road. I'll keep most of my private side to FlickR. Better security and no one's there.
Very glad to find some new tools! Woo Hoo! Now to get this all organised. Is there a place to organise everything in one go? And who has a Google+ account they want to talk about? Will it be worth it in the end?

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