Sunday, 24 July 2011

Thing 7

Face-to-face networking.
I went to the London CILIP group's networking workshop last week. It was a good opportunity meet other librarians.
I'm a member of CILIP, but only because my current job requires it. I've been thinking about SLA (both school and special), AIIP, ASLIB and UKeiG (not mentioned). UKeiG is part of CILIP so that's a bit of a bonus. But as I'm going towards either school libraries (if that's even possible any more, given this economy) or freelancing, CILIP isn't doing it for me so much. CILIP is just so big, it's hard to discover anything of immediate use to me. What I really want is a more of one-stop-shop of some sort to get the information I'm after, such as jobs, how tos, what's next, etc. Perhaps a LibWiki of some sort could be the answer.

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