Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Thing 8

Google Calendars.
Finally something I've already discovered and have made up my mind about (well, for now anyway). Google calendars are great. The problem I find though, and this has to do with all electronic calendars, is if I don't see the calendar on a daily basis, everything put on it is forgotten. And, as you have to log-in the site (or set it up as a home page, but my organisation overwrites homepages each night), then I don't see it. And my brain is very much out of sight, out of mind. So, I've found a sight that has free calendars to download and print out (there are lots of them). I found one with a very nice look that I've downloaded to my home computer. Then I print out 2 months (current and next) and add all the stuff in different coloured pens and hang it on the wall in front of the home computer. Problem solved! well, at least for home stuff.
As for work, we use Outlook and that's just fine for my needs. Perhaps if I were in a different job, then an electronic calendar and merges home and work might be suitable. But for now, I like them separate and my 'old fashion' calendar on the wall suits me just fine.

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