Friday, 14 October 2011

Things 13 and 14 : Tools

I'm now in a rush to just get through these 23 Things before the end of the year. Such is my life. So a quick reflection on version controllers (Google Docs, etc.) and citation editors (citeulike, etc.)

I think Google Docs is great and not only for version control. It's also got me out of a couple sticky situations of wrong extensions or not having compatible software. Especially between Macs and PCs. Just upload into Google Docs, maybe edit slightly (add a space to the end of the doc), resave and download. Viola, can now open the un-openable document. The one thing I would wish for, is that is was accepted as a work platform at my job. The workplace was very restrictive on what general programs could be used as they are possible security threats. <sigh>. Meanwhile, 10 people with 5 different versions on their personal disk space and no one is quite sure which is the final draft.

As for citeulike, I will mark that as something to remember, but I don't particularly need it right now. So, thanks for that useful tidbit.

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