Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thing 2

I have read lots of blogs in the past, but none relating to my career. My blogs of choice usually relate to hobbies or trying to get instructions for a problem I might have. Why is it that I don't turn to blogs for career instructions? My immediate answer is because I'm an information professional and I'm looking for authoritive sources. But, saying that 'out loud' sounds so incrediably prentious. I suppose the real reason has much more to do with me being clueless and overwhelmed.
I had a look around the Delicous list trying to whittle the list down to something useable. Needless to say, I didn't get on well. What I'm suprised at is the number of academic and public sector people on the list. I wonder why that is? Are they more organised than me or just more time on their hands and want to use it to develop skills? I don't know.
The one blog I did find and seemed to stike a cord with is Shannon Robalino's. I think we have similar thinking styles. But, isn't it odd to make connections this way? Maybe I'm just old (well, in my 40s now and I do remember the days before personal computers), but trying to connect to writing is an odd thing for me. Maybe I'll get over it doing these Things.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Why I'm participating in the 23 things

I am participating in the 23 Things for CPD because I qualified as a librarian what seems like ages ago and so many things have advanced before me. And, as my current workplace is closing, this seems an ideal time to get back into the 'pack' so that I'm ready for the next position.
I'm also hoping to get some 'hooks' and phrases that can be used to describe my skills as I have found that most people really have no idea what librarians do. In a sense I'm trying to future-proof myself as best I can.

I'm currently an Information Services Co-ordinator for the General Teaching Council of England. As this is closing, I'm hoping to find a position as a school librarian to help cope with term-time hours (I have a child in school).

I'm hoping to learn about the technologies that have happened, basically without my knowledge. Let's face it, I'm hoping to catch up to this century again. I'm least looking forward to dealing with the constraints, both work and personal related. Job related is the lack of time as we are in a busy time archiving everything and lack of connection to Twitter, etc. Personal constraints are also time and also a small amount of fear in sharing freely across the Internet.

I fear most is blogging. I've never consider myself as a writer in any shape or form. Then the added weight that this will be 'live' on the Internet for anyone to read is, frankly, terrifying. But, I'm taking a Nietzsche attitude of if I survive all the better.